Welcome to the official website for A.C.E.S. Addiction support. We are focused on ending addiction to vaping products. We are a team of individuals who created an app by teens, for teens in order to help those who are addicted.

Company Overview

A.C.E.S. Addiction Support is based out of Bethpage, NY, at 10 Cherry Avenue. A.C.E.S. was founded as a B-Corporation on November 1, 2019; the reason for choosing a B-Corporation structure over a C-Corporation or S-Corporation was because of the main purpose of our business. The staff at A.C.E.S. are dedicated to help communities end the vaping dilemma, aiding younger populations in their fight to quit vaping. Therefore by investing in us investors are giving back to the communities they truly care about. Our status as a B corporation also helps us in the public eye by demonstrating to communities that even though we are making a profit, we are doing our best to give back. Those who are teens and college students are able to obtain access to our free services through our base package. The next two packages do have a cost, but they include much more than the standard version.


Mission Statement-How We Help

The team at A.C.E.S. Addiction Support understands the vulnerability teens have to entangling themselves with vaping. Between heavy advertisements and media, e-cigarette companies are reeling in more and more teens each year. Here at A.C.E.S., we strive to end this problem by developing only the most modern technological interactive services to help you focus on what truly matters.


Company Structure

Our divisional employment system ensures that while all employees have their separate roles, all workers are comprehensive of the goals of other departments; this makes our work more effective as all employees can give their own input as the direction they believe our business should head. This is essential to any functioning business as it maximizes inter-department communication and makes for a more knowledgeable staff.


Our departments include Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, and IT, each with a head executive to verify that each department is running

 smoothly. Additionally, our CEO and COO keep a close check on all business operations, making sure that all tasks are completed effectively and efficiently.










Therapists Available 12-9

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